Product Code: Крем мед с джинджифил и лимон 400 гр.
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100% bee honey

Ginger essential oil - 0.001%

Lemon essential oil - 0.001%

NEW PRODUCT! Introducing our latest sensation - Cream Honey with Ginger and Lemon! This wholesome combination includes 100% pure bee honey enriched with natural essential oils of ginger and lemon. Let us present you with the exquisite taste and numerous benefits you will discover in this exceptional blend!

Our cream honeys are crafted with care and passion for beekeeping. They boast a delicate texture resembling a delightful mousse that captures the hearts of anyone who tries them. Created through a unique process of fine crystallization, these honeys possess a homogeneous consistency, making them easy to use in culinary creations or for pure indulgence.

But that's not all! Each jar of Cream Honey with Ginger and Lemon offers an unmatched richness of flavor and beneficial properties. Ginger, renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, combines with the refreshing and tangy aroma of lemon to provide you with an entirely new sensory experience. All these ingredients, united in our cream honey, not only satisfy your taste buds but also promote your well-being.

With our products, we guarantee the preserved nutritional and beneficial properties. Let the taste and benefits of Cream Honey with Ginger and Lemon enrich your culinary adventures and provide you with an unforgettable and healthful experience!

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